Black Tie shower trailers exterior and interior with an aquatic shower curtain and a clothing hanging rack decorated with plants and a whale

Commercial and Luxury Portable Shower Trailers

Upgrade your fleet with customizable portable shower trailers to enhance your clients experience no matter where life takes them.

Browse Available Shower Trailer Floor Plans

All mobile showers can be built with high-end luxury or commercial finishes.

20NFW 4 Private Shower Only

Description: Type: Narrow BodyStations: 4 PrivateFresh Water Tank: 105 gal.Waste Tank: 510 gal. Length: 20′ 4″ Height: 11’ 6”  Width:

28FW 8 Stalls Shower Only

Description: Type: Wide BodyStations: 8Fresh Water Tank: 200 gal.Waste Tank: 817 gal.  Length: 28′ 4″ Height: 11’ 10”  Width: 6’3” 

42FW 10 Private Shower Only

Description: Type: Wide BodyStations: 10 Private StallsFresh Water Tank: 400 gal.Waste Tank: 1,230 gal.  Length: 42′ 4″ Height: 11’ 6”  Width:

Premium Shower Trailers are a Practical Addition to Any Event

private events | movie sets | campsites | festivals | conventions | renovation & construction | disaster relief

Black Tie’s Mobile Shower and Combo Restroom Trailers are custom-built and made to be versatile to meet your fleet’s needs. Whether that is large commercial mobile showers for worksites and disaster relief or luxury private shower and restroom trailers for movie sets you’ll make it happen.
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