ADA Restroom and Shower Trailers

Our ADA restroom & shower trailers are customizable to meet your needs because we know ensuring quality and care for everyone is important to you. A large fleet and luxury upgrades are great, but accessibility matters the most.

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All ADA mobile restrooms can be built with luxury or commercial finishes.

13NFW ADA Single Unit

Description: Type: Narrow Body Stations: 1 ADA Compliant Fresh Water Tank: 150 gal. Waste Tank: 137 gal.  Length: 13′ 4″

16NFW ADA Shower Combo

Description: Type: Narrow BodyStations: 1Fresh Water Tank: 200 gal.Waste Tank: 337 gal.  Length: 16′ 4″ Height: 11’ 10”  Width: 8’ 4” 

20FW ADA + 2 Private

Description: Type: Wide Body Stations: 3 (1 ADA Compliant) Fresh Water Tank: 200 gal. Waste Tank: 412 gal.  Length: 20’4″

20FW ADA + 4 Private

Description: Type: Wide BodyStations: 5 (1 ADA Compliant)Fresh Water Tank: 200 gal.Waste Tank: 552 gal.  Length: 20′ 4″ Height: 11’

Accessibility for All with Premium ADA Restroom Trailers 

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Ensure your services deliver care and quality for everyone. Add our customizable ADA Accessible restroom and shower trailers to your fleet so you’ll always have the right trailer for the job. 
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